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This weekend is all about layout. I should have finished this up months ago, but should'ves are not helpful, so here I am, working away like a good little worker bee.

I planned badly, too, so there's WAY more content than I envisioned, which is simultaneously a good thing and a pain in the rear. I'll definitely have to rein it in next issue, or resign myself to never breaking even again. :-)

When I get tired of looking at the layout, I answer submission emails, so my inbox has gone down from 900+ emails to 847.

Have I mentioned that cancer sucks? I really, truly love doing this work, and I feel like I lost about three months of productive time, so I'm far behind where I wish I was with this, but it's okay. I keep reminding myself that this is my hobby, and it's about joy, so it's okay to be flexible about timing and so on.
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Text is mostly laid out (I'm adding an article and it will go in today or tomorrow).

Art needs to be laid out.

Cover art is probably selected (I keep going back and forth with myself; I need to just buck up and choose); cover artist needs to give me a bio.

Contracts are out for this issue, but I need to send them for future issues.

610 emails in the inbox; gonna work on reducing that today.

The plan is to pay the piper (printer) on August 1 and mail it out the following week, so I have time, but if I can get it out earlier, I'll do that.

[Edit: Oh, and I need to lay out the text for the upcoming issues so I can see how full or empty they are, and fill in any gaps as I look at submission emails.]
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Today's Key Theme: Self-reliance

How sweet it is: The economics of beekeeping in Oakland (thanks to [ profile] someotherguy for the link)

How to catch a mouse without a mousetrap (thanks, [ profile] beth47!)

A day in the life of beekeepers (thanks, [ profile] custardfairy!)
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I meant to post this yesterday, but I did essentially nothing yesterday, so today it is. Today's Key Theme is Justice (social justice, human rights, etc.):

New Hampshire is 6th US state to allow same-sex marriage -- does that count California, which allowed it and then didn't?

My life as a giraffe: Writer Arianne Cohen, a taller-than-average woman, talks about what it's like to look different enough from societal expectations that people will do almost anything to change you, and about how she came to terms with being (and dating) tall. This will be familiar to many, many people, I'm sad to say. (thanks to [personal profile] supergee for the link)

Screw the beach body; I want the beach mind (thanks to [personal profile] supergee for the link)

GLAAD: Demand that KRXQ Radio Hosts Rob Williams and Arnie States Apologize for Encouraging Violence Against Transgender Children
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NZ most peaceful nation; US 83rd

The purchasing power of peace

Peace Corps applications skyrocketing

If you have any other links about peace in the news, please add them, either in a new post or in comments. The plan is that every couplefew days Monday/Wednesday/Friday, I'll pick another Key Theme and do a little link roundup.
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[posted to [personal profile] serene and [community profile] 42magazine]

There's some really wonderful stuff being posted now (and recently) about the stigmatizing language based on disability and gender that people (English-speaking people, that is, unless I've missed some discussion of other languages) often use in everyday speech.

(This is nowhere NEAR an exhaustive list. It's just the tabs I have open right now; I closed a few before I thought to make this post.)

[personal profile] bcholmes talks about how she felt when [personal profile] vito_excalibur used the word "tranny" in a panel, and Vito responds (note that there are lots more comments at their LJs, same handles)

[ profile] sasha_feather talks about the Rethinking Disability Metaphors panel at Wiscon; so does [ profile] sophy.

[personal profile] vito_excalibur talks some more (again, even more conversation at the LJ equivalent of the post) about ablist language and lots of people make smart points

My friends and friends-of-friends are such smart, thoughtful, loving, awesome people! I love it.
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I spent yesterday and some of the day before giving myself a break. Visited with [personal profile] stonebender, read my trashy murder mystery, and allowed myself to neglect the magazine. But today, back to work for as long as my energy holds out.

Inbox count: 460
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I've so far gotten the mailbox down to 451, which is better than it sounds, because stuff keeps coming IN as I'm clearing stuff OUT. :-)

What I love about this job is reading people's love in their work, seeing the stuff -- even the stuff I don't like -- that they've cherished and labored over. It's very rare that I get something that just feels slapped together. Even the stories I can't use are almost always obviously works of love. I like that a lot, and feel honored to get to read people's work.

The printer didn't respond to my RFQ. I have to decide whether to be more aggressive in contacting them, or to take this as a sign that they're unresponsive. (Of course, I am a slowwwww responder, so I have no moral judgments on that, I just want to make sure that if I turn in the magazine, it'll be printed in a reasonable amount of time.)
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You have my permission to thwap me if I make a post today anywhere except for [community profile] 42magazine, the new community for the magazine. I will be chronicling the magazine process, along with adding posts there that say something about either the magazine or its ten key themes: Peace :: Justice :: Ecology :: Economy :: Self-reliance :: Simplicity :: Reason :: Joy :: Love :: Art

I've already added a few of the magazine's contributors to that community, but I encourage you to join it if you have any interest in either the magazine itself or its themes.

Now, back to work. I had 495 emails in my magazine inbox this morning. I'm down to 462, and I really really want to get it down under 200 today. In addition, I hope to pick a cover image, finish layout, streamline the contract language, and mail out everyone's contracts. Wish me luck!

We're here!

May. 9th, 2009 01:26 pm
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The first issue went swimmingly -- it cost more than I planned and went out a week late, but it was beautiful, albeit small, and I'm very proud of it. The second issue is in the works, and should fix some of the problems I had with the first. For one thing, I'll get the table of contents right.

This community blog will be a cooperative effort, I hope. There will only be 11 tags: one for meta/administrative posts, and one for each of the magazine's Ten Key Themes:

Peace :: Justice :: Ecology :: Economy :: Self-reliance :: Simplicity :: Reason :: Joy :: Love :: Art

If you see something on the web that you think fits one of these Themes, please share it with us. If you want to talk about a meaningful life, or about the magazine itself, go for it. I hope to be here with you on Dreamwidth for the duration, because Dreamwidth seems to embody a lot of our themes already.

(Note to LJers and other non-Dreamwidth folk: This is a DW-only community, but you're more than welcome to join with your openID or post anonymously or whatever.)


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