May. 23rd, 2009

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You have my permission to thwap me if I make a post today anywhere except for [community profile] 42magazine, the new community for the magazine. I will be chronicling the magazine process, along with adding posts there that say something about either the magazine or its ten key themes: Peace :: Justice :: Ecology :: Economy :: Self-reliance :: Simplicity :: Reason :: Joy :: Love :: Art

I've already added a few of the magazine's contributors to that community, but I encourage you to join it if you have any interest in either the magazine itself or its themes.

Now, back to work. I had 495 emails in my magazine inbox this morning. I'm down to 462, and I really really want to get it down under 200 today. In addition, I hope to pick a cover image, finish layout, streamline the contract language, and mail out everyone's contracts. Wish me luck!
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I've so far gotten the mailbox down to 451, which is better than it sounds, because stuff keeps coming IN as I'm clearing stuff OUT. :-)

What I love about this job is reading people's love in their work, seeing the stuff -- even the stuff I don't like -- that they've cherished and labored over. It's very rare that I get something that just feels slapped together. Even the stories I can't use are almost always obviously works of love. I like that a lot, and feel honored to get to read people's work.

The printer didn't respond to my RFQ. I have to decide whether to be more aggressive in contacting them, or to take this as a sign that they're unresponsive. (Of course, I am a slowwwww responder, so I have no moral judgments on that, I just want to make sure that if I turn in the magazine, it'll be printed in a reasonable amount of time.)


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